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Limitation of Gears in Photography is not a very Big Problem

by diwang (140211)

The key is ’creativity’. No matter what you have in Photography, especially great and expensive gears, doesn’t make you a great photographer if you don’t have any creativity. Gears were only technology to help us to achieve our aim as a photographer. Even when we use only the pocket camera or cellphone’s camera than DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, we still can make a good picture. It’s not depend on the gear, it’s depend on the man behind the gear. This limitation is sometime makes some newbie in photography doesn’t want to move ahead as a photographer.

So, here’s some tips to avoid our limitation of gear in photography :

1.Have strong interest and desire : to where our destination of being a photographer and do we serious to be a photographer ?

2. Have the reverse thinking of something : don’t think like : wow, he was a great photographer, how about me?, but do think like : wow, he was a great photographer, and I’m too. Little bit like narcism, but sometimes it’s work to make us have enthusiasm.

3. Always be grateful of what you have today : at least we have done our best in life.

4. Have a great self-confidence and don’t feel inferior.

5. Do have brainstorming : spare your time to gather with your photographer friends, share some ideas or do ask them about the new idea in photography.

6. Don’t be a plagiarism : as a newbie you never move forward if you always plagiarize your senior’s work. So, start having your own works. People will judge your work whether is good or not.

Start to produce great picture one-a-day, so you will have about 365 picture a year and you can start your own gallery (quote from : dudik@sendaljepit medan community).

Stop dreaming, start action !!!

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