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Beginner Photographer need Digital Imaging?

by diwang (170211)

Practice makes perfect.

All the beginner photographers whom I’ve known recently seemed to have this mindset…Photography needs Digital Imaging. Well, I think for this matter is sometimes right but sometimes not wrong at all. For some professional photographers, they said that as a photographer do make some photographic shot whout any editing or digital imaging. It can loose the esthetic of the art of photography itself. Beside, you are not exploring the capability of the gear you already have.

But digital imaging not merely wrong at all. To increase the quality of a good picture (i.e. brightness, contrast or level) seems okay. But, if it is change all the basic principal of a picture, in other word, extreme editing…I think it’s already erase the esthetic of the art of a picture. Except you really need to do it…just do the extreme editing.

From the experts I’ve known from their written, they said that to produce the great picture from camera, we must understand with the aspects of photography. About the use of speed, apperture, white balance, angle, Iso, light condition and etc. Then, we must also understand about our gear itself. If we already understand all the aspect, so don’t be afraid to have good or even great picture without any editing. It’s pure and original. What you see is what you get…

Here, if we talking about the beginner in photography…well, I think is not seem to be a problem to have the editing in a picture. Because maybe, the don’t quite understand yet about the aspects and it means they must learn a lot to master the aspect. But sometimes, they just shoot…shoot…shot….. Start off with too many shots of different things. Then, after they downloaded the files to the computer… Voila !! Then they realized that too many bad shot they have taken. For the fast thinking…I’ll photoshop the mistakes that way I don’t waste my shoot.

Brilliant! Not quite, I think.

So learn more, dig more and shoot more to get the perfect picture with your camera…

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