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Capturing the picture

by diwang (020311)

As a photographer, we are expect to be able to capture the pictures, the moments and the things that we thought were very interesting. Sometimes we must have the responsibility with the picture we have taken, for example in documentation of wedding ceremony or as a photo-journalist. Why? For documentation of wedding ceremony we have task to produce great and best pictures, because we have signed and paid to be the official photographer as we must take a lot of photos in the moment of this wedding ceremony. We can’t let the customer feels dissapoint with the pictures we have produced. So be careful and be responsible to capture every important moments in the ceremony.

As a photo-journalist, we also have the responsibility to capture the moment that can be made as news in the newspapers. The picture that we’ve captured must have quality that deals with the news. But many of photographers whom captured the picture of moments sometimes make the photo itself controversial, in other word, a paparazzi. Based from many source, a paparazzi sometimes avoid the ethic-code of photographer in the effort of making photo that can ’talk’ or use it as a prove of something controversy. So, beside the obligation from the company where he/she works, or maybe he/she runs for the money to sell the controversy picture – a paparazzi seems allowed to do whatever they want as the effort to capture the moment. So then, it’s your choice to be a photo-journalist by the rule or be a paparazzi.

To capture the picture, basically, is not so hard. If we saw something or a moment that interest us, just capture the moment with your camera. We can see the photo later or just take a peek from your LCD in your digital camera. Then you can put them in your computer to check whether it needs to be edited or not. Many things that we can capture with our camera, not only a ceremonial moment or journalistic moment, but other things such as : landscape, animal, people, food, beauty (model) or even just for your improvisation. Here the links that you can check-out some of my picture :

Gallery Landscape :
Gallery Animal :
Gallery Model :
Gallery Improvisation :

Those were only little bit of my gallery, you can check more in my deviantart gallery, just go to http://greenzmdn.deviantart.com

Well, that’s it for now. See you later then. Enjoy. Any comments? Please feel free to e-mail me, OK…

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